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Naturland to hold 1st livestream on organic agriculture in PH, invites participation

To drive awareness and appreciation on the importance of organic agriculture and sustainable lifestyle in the Philippines, Naturland will hold its first livestream on February 24, 2023, entitled “#GoingOrganic PH: Why it Matters to You, the Farmer, and the Environment.”

The said livestream will be the first of a series of digital activities that Naturland will conduct towards promoting organic agriculture in the country and encouraging local consumers to shift to conscious and eco-friendly diets.

Mr. Nicolo Aberasturi, founder of DowntoEarth, will discuss on, “What does it mean going organic from the farmer’s perspective and why it should be the norm?” His talk will revolve on his experiences as an organic farmer including the farm models he created, from which other farmers can learn and then replicate. He will also share his insights and reflection on why organic agriculture should be the norm in the country and how farmers and consumers alike can contribute in this objective.

The second speaker, Ms. Pacita Juan, founder of EchoStore, will tackle, “How going organic supports smallholder farmers and protects Philippine environment.” Her talk will focus on the advantages of organic production and consumption for smallholder farmers especially on their livelihood and health. She will also discuss on how going organic will help tackle environmental degradation and create a sustainable future for every Filipino.

Mr. Ryan Bestre, a Climate Change Specialist, will share his experiences and reflections as an organic lifestyle practitioner.

Naturland is encouraging everyone interested in organic agriculture and sustainable lifestyle to join this first livestream and register for free through the following link:

This event is organised by Naturland, a non-profit organization based in Germany that provides certification for organic farmers. It has over 120,000 certified farmers worldwide. The livestream is part of the project “Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the Philippines by supporting the establishment of trustworthy organic value chains from farm to fork.” It is implemented across several organic municipalities in the Philippines, with the financial support of MISEREOR.


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