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Naturland is one of the major international associations for organic agriculture based in Germany with 140,000 farmers, beekeepers, aquaculturists and fishers in 60 countries throughout the world. Naturland has always been open to rethinking organic concepts and producing impressive new organic innovations. Naturland extended its activities to the production of fish and seafood in aquaculture and is the first in the world to support the conversion of a tea garden into certified organic production.

There are 3,620 smallholder farmers in the Philippines certified according to Naturland standards. Since the 90’s, Naturland has been engaged in the Philippines to create better livelihoods for smallholders. We strive to reconcile the interests of the local farmers by connecting them to society and creating a market for them, which is one of the biggest problems of farmers in the country. We show that organic, social and fair economic activities can thrive through international cooperation.



Naturland is a farmers’ association committed to the organic principles and the social principles as much as social requirements are an integral component of our Naturland standards. Our concept is based on trust, respectful relationships and vibrant communication. We are committed to the production, processing and marketing of healthy and enjoyable organic products of the highest quality as we continuously care for our farmers, consumers and environment.

International Vision Naturland 2030

Presented and validated at the general assembly November 2018

By 2030 Naturland will be a truly international organization providing a home for regional farmer movements worldwide. We have grown to a worldwide community that provides a safe and supportive home for farmers around the world who are eager to engage together for fair, social, and ecological food and farming systems. We provide secure livelihoods for our members, our many family farmers, cooperatives, and many other farm types. We empower and connect farmers with citizens and stakeholders throughout the food chain. 

We work together in partnership and cooperation based on mutual trust and we have flat hierarchies. We care for employees and volunteers and work based on equality and inclusiveness. We take our decisions democratically and in a transparent manner. At the same time, we are result driven, professional and modern. We want to contribute to the sustainable development of society by acknowledging our social and ecological responsibility to shape our food systems and preserve our natural resources. 

By 2030 Naturland will be present with regionally organized structures around the world in all major regions and in many countries. Naturland is a model to showcase a global organization with professional headquarters and empowered regional centers. Farmers are regionally self-organized in their regions but part of the global Naturland community whose members support each other. Regional assemblies are organized for members to discuss and decide democratically on locally important issues. International delegates engage in the global Naturland assembly to decide on the global direction of Naturland and the board consists of people from all around the world. 

Farmers rely successfully on Naturland´s regional advisory services which support the farmers professionally with locally adapted knowledge based on a combination of deep knowledge and the latest research. The Naturland community builds learning-networks for farmers to support them in their daily life. Advisory services are creatively organized based on local conditions to ensure their affordability for farmers. 

The Naturland brand is famous on many local markets and recognized for its outstanding reliability, quality and credibility. Consumers connect emotionally to Naturland as an innovative and modern sustainability brand. Naturland engages directly with and involves consumers in direct dialogue, helping them to live a modern ethical lifestyle. Consumers can participate by various means in the Naturland association, which offers unique learning and exchange experiences.

Based on our recognition by consumers worldwide and regional marketing structures we provide excellent market access for our farmers. Export of Naturland produce is still a valid option where it creates value, but a major part of the production is sold and marketed in the regions where it is produced. 

We pioneer new directions and are driven by innovations. We are not afraid to use new technologies and methods as long as they are in line with our values and principles. We use modern communication tools and use the possibilities of the digital age to connect with each other and with our partners and citizens. 

Together we will pave the way to a better future! We are Naturland!


Kleinhaderner Weg 1
82166 Graefelfing
Tel. +49 (0)89 898082-0
Fax +49 (0)89 898082-90
E-Mail naturland@naturland.de

Editor: Joesie Tumanda

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